Here’s a quick template for controlling the 8 sample tracks from the Elektron Digitakt with help of the RK006 hosting a Korg NanoKONTROL2

The NK2 template can be downloaded here on google drive It assumes the 8 sample channels of the Digitakt are set to MIDI Channel 1-8

There are multiple ways to connect the NK2 to the Digitakt via the RK-006:

1. Connect the OTG dongle to the RK006 and plug the NK2 into the USB-A. Then connect the Digitakt to any of the RK-006 outputs

2. Connect a USB-HUB to the RK006 and connect both the NK2 and Digitakt to the RK006

In terms of control it will not make a real difference to use one connection or the other. The upside of connecting all via a USB hub is that all outputs of the Digitakt are now also available through the 10 output ports on the RK006 – double win 🙂

Make sure that if you are hosting the Digitakt to the RK006 the USB mode is set to USBMIDI, not overbridge.