8 Channel passive mixer, also available as DIY project


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Passive Mixer board

The new RK003 ‘Quickie board’ is pre-assembled and even smaller than the original by using SMD components. There’s a small 3D print enclosure model here as well on Google Drive

The RK-003 is a stereo (audio) mixer which you can use in your mobile setup.

Features are:

  • No batteries (Passive mixer)
  • Small Raspberry Pi Zero footprint
  • DIY Kit (optional assembly)

‘Passive mixer’ means there is no built in amplifier and although there is volume drop on this system when you mix all channels together; We thought the fun factor is very high anyway.

Just crank up your amp a bit more and connect your Volca’s, Pocket Operators, Boutiques, Nintendo’s, iPhones,.. or any device you’d like to use to jam away.

Also see Jakob Haq’s brilliant [youtube lname=”building guide” videoid=”lQhawcqksu0″] on Youtube.


If you have a 3D printer and want to print your own enclosure you can download the .STL model below. If you want a professional SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) print made then this model is also available at Shapeways – (euhrm.. I can imagine not all of you have these machines at home…) You can choose a variety of colours and materials.

View the complete enclosure in 3D

Download the RK-003 STL Model file

Buy the SLS Model from Shapeways

For the aluminium frontplate (RK302) there is also a 3D Model available which you can use to complete the enclosure:

View the RK-302 lower enclosure part in 3D

Download the RK-302 lower enclosure STL Model file

If you have a plotter or small laser cutter – or just want to measure the dimensions to drill your own panel/enclosure, here is a .PDF file for download which will help you along: