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RK005 OP-1 Support

Because many people want to pair the RK-005 to host Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 we have implemented direct communication with this device on the 1.4 firmware (and up). You can use a small menu on the display of the OP-1 to access various settings of the RK-005. This is done via the OP-1’s ‘Controller Mode’ which is also used in certain DAW’.


First; Make sure the OP1 MIDI CTRL Channel is set to CH1 and the dial is set to ABS, MIDI CC

To enter the RK005 menu on directly on the OP-1:
– press’SHIFT’ + ‘COM’
– press CTRL

to leave the RK005 menu:
– press ‘SHIFT’ + ‘COM’
– press ‘OP-1’

OP-1’s display will show:

|            RK005            |
|     [|||||||||||||||||]     |
|     USE < > REC and 1.8     |

now you can use the following buttons:

‘<‘ to navigate one menu page to the left ‘>’ to navigate one menu page to the right
‘REC’ to change the currently displayed parameter
‘1..8’ to perform parameter dependent settings

Note: parameter changes are NOT stored in RK005’s memory until the menupage ‘STORE IN RK005?’ is executed (see below)

Menupage : ‘DIN-THRU’

this parameter controls the forwarding of MIDI data from the MIDI DIN input to the MIDI DIN output
OFF = MIDI data arriving at the DIN input will NOT be sent to the DIN output
AUTO = MIDI data arriving at the DIN input will be sent to the DIN output, but ONLY when the RK005 is in ‘stand-alone’ mode
when the RK005 is connected to a host PC (or tablet) there will NOT be any data forwarded from DIN IN –> DIN OUT
(this is to avoid unwanted MIDI loops)
ON = MIDI data arriving at the DIN input will always be forwarded to the DIN output (note this could lead to unwanted MIDI loops!)

Menupage : ‘LED INDICATOR’

This parameter controls the intensity of the LED indicator
DIMM = default indicator intensity
BRIGHT = bright intensity
OFF = no indicator at all


The RK005 can apply up to 4 filters. Each filter can be set to block certain messages (messages which are matched by a filter will be discarded)
In order to define the matching conditions each filter has the following settings:
a) PORT = the ‘connector’ on which the filter should match
b) DIR = the direction for which the filter should match
c) EV = the events for which the filter should match
d) CHN = the channels for which the filter should match (in case ‘channel’ events are used)

Menupage : ‘FLT#1/PORT’

Determines the I/O port for this filter
Values :
OFF = filter disabled
USB HOST ALL = all devices connected on RK005’s USB-HOST connector
USB OP-1 = OP-1 connected to RK005’s USB-HOST connector
USB CLIENT = RK005’s device connector
MIDI DIN = RK005’s MIDI DIN connectors (IN, OUT or both)

Menupage : ‘FLT#1/DIR’

Sets the direction of this filter
RK005 <– * = data flowing into the RK005 RK005 –> * = data flowing out from the RK005
RK005 <-> * = data in one or both directions

Menupage : ‘FLT#1/EV’

Set the type of events the filter should match
CHN = channel events
CHN+CLK = channel events or clock
CHN+TRN = channel events or start/stop (=TRaNsport)
CHN+TRN+CLK = channel events or clock / start / stop
ALL = all events

Menupage : ‘FLT#1/CHN1..8’

Selects which MIDI channels 1..8 for which the filter should match (note: only when EV not set to ‘ALL’ !)
use buttons 1..8 to toggle channels on/off
this is displayed by the ‘keyboard’ graphic: every ‘red’ bar indicates that the corresponding channel is being matched

Menupage : ‘FLT#1/CHN9..16’

Select match for MIDI channels 9..16
Values :
See FLT#1/CHN1..8

For menupages FLT#2/xxxx -> see FLT#1/xxxx

note 1) to quickly navigate between filters 1..4 you can press 1,2,3,4 (the big numbers below the display)
note 2) to quickly setup a filter for OP-1 reception or OP-1 transmission: press 1 (labelled ‘IN’) or 2 (labelled ‘OUT’) in the FLT#x/PORT

FLT#x/DIR or FLT#x/EV menu page:
This will pre-set the parameters to form a filter directly for OP-1 transmit or OP-1 receive as a convenience function

Menupage : ‘STORE IN RK005?’

Use this to make the changes be stored inside RK005’s memory
the settings will be kept, even if the RK005 is disconnected from power


use this to re-set all parameters to factory default

Menupage : ‘RK005 FW VS’

Shows the running RK005 firmware version

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