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The RK-005 is what the RK-004 does for DIN5 MIDI… but this time also for USB-MIDI devices! It is able to merge multiple connected USB controllers, send MIDI across and integrates it with the available MIDI-in and MIDI-OUT port

The RK-005 is a standalone USB MIDI Host as well as a Class Compliant USB MIDI device. What does this mean?


  • It sends MIDI from USB MIDI devices to DIN5 MIDI: No computer needed to host multiple MIDI devices, adds MIDI I/O to devices which have USB-only connections!
  • Accepts USB Hubs: Connected USB-MIDI devices will also send and receive their data across, there is no need to go back and forth with DIN5 MIDI in this case.


  • Connected to a PC/Mac/iOS or Android device, the RK-005 adds full MIDI I/O to your device.

The RK-005 also has a gate-out connector which allows you to sync e.g. modular or Pocket Operators without sacrificing an audio track for a click signal. The gate will be generated from an incoming MIDI clock from any source; USB or DIN5. It is powered from 5v power like a USB device or a phone battery pack.

Here's a video with Gaz from Sonicstate trying out the RK-005 with an OP-1 in the outdoors:

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