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Retrokits / RK-002 MIDI Processing? Just DUY it!

RKPolyMux - the polymuxer

The Polymuxer class can be used to generate the RK002’s polymux effect.

Demonstration of it’s usage below is part of the Digitakt DUY.

#include "RKPolyMux.h"
RKPolyMux polymux;

// Handler for ALL MIDI channel messages: used for adding messages to polymux engine
bool RK002_onChannelMessage(byte sts, byte d1, byte d2)
  bool thru = true;

  // is it on our midi channel?
  if ((sts & 0x0f) == pChannel)
    // don't send through
    thru = false;

    // but feed channel messages to polymux handler

  return thru;

// handles polymux engine midi output,
void onPolyMuxOutput(void *userarg, byte polymuxidx, byte sts, byte d1, byte d2)
  byte chn = RK002_paramGet(PMUXBASECH)- 1 + polymuxidx; // 'polymuxidx' is auto incremented by polymux

  if (chn <= 15)
    sts |= chn; // Bitwise OR: channel will be added to message type 'sts'

void setup()
  polymux.setPolyphony(8); // 8 channels polymux
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