Take back control of your electronic setup with our small, smart music tools: The RK002 Smart MIDI Processor cable, RK006 all-connecting music hub and RK008 Realtime MIDI Recorder!

Retrokits / RK-002 MIDI Processing? Just DUY it!

Declaring sketch identification

In order to be able to identify a sketch once it is loaded into the cable several fields of information can be embedded into the generated sketch code. For this purpose the following macro must be used:


As can be seen from the above definition, the macro takes 4 parameters:

  1. app_name = short text-string identifying the app (for example: “TESTAPP”)
  2. app_author = text-string identifying the author (for example “Retrokits, (info@retrokits.com)”)
  3. app_version = text-string identifying the version of the app (for example “1.0.0”)
  4. app_guid = text-string containing a globally unique identifier which can be used to uniquely identifying this app
    (generate any GUID form here: https://www.guidgenerator.com)

The RK002 loader program is able to fetch & display this information from a running sketch.


#include <RK002.h>

RK002_DECLARE_INFO("SAMPLE CODE","duy@retrokits.com","1.0","7b47d3dd-991a-4197-ac02-d340cdabfb59")

boolean RK002_onNoteOn(byte channel, byte key, byte velocity)
  RK002_sendNoteOn(channel, key+7, velocity);
  return true;

boolean RK002_onNoteOff(byte channel, byte key, byte velocity)
  RK002_sendNoteOff(channel, key+7, velocity);
  return true;

void setup()

void loop()
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