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Retrokits / RK-002 MIDI Processing? Just DUY it!


There is not much debugging-love going on inside the Arduino IDE. The idea is that a developer writes a sketch and just tests it directly on the target. Sometimes it can be very handy to have some more information abou twhat is going on inside your sketch. For this purpose the following function is implemented.

void RK002_printf(const char *fmt, ...)

This function will send the formatted string encoded as a MIDI sysex packet. The RK002 loader will catch this message and display it as a regular console string.

an example:

#include <RK002.h>

RK002_DECLARE_INFO("SAMPLE CODE","duy@retrokits.com","1.0","7b47d3dd-991a-4197-ac02-d340cdabfb59")

void setup()

void loop()

boolean RK002_onNoteOn(byte chn, byte key, byte vel)
  RK002_printf("received note-on message (chn=%d, key=%d, vel=%d)",chn,key,vel);
  return true;

This will cause a textstring to be sent-out by MIDI whenever a MIDI note-on command arrives at the input. The RK002 loader will display these messages.

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