Midi Clock to Sync divider Firmware for the RK-002

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Desktop MIDI Interface

Select MIDI Out interface:
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Select firmware:
RK-002 MIDI->Sync

RK-002 Firmware updater is located here

RK-002/CLK Settings

MIDI clock to Sync pulse divider:
Clock skip counter


A bit of a hack but we noticed a midi-to mini-jack converter (like the ones which are provided with the Beatstep Pro, Electribe's and lots of other hardware which use mini-jack MIDI) can be used to get a pulse into a sync trigger port.

We used this to experiment with the RK-002 and bring a MIDI Clock to Sync firmware which is also able to halve, double or... the relation between the midi and sync clock, allowing you to synchronise tempo on a different level.

Still figuring out how to rename the proper sync divider-number to a readable format (Did we already mention it was beta?)

Using the #RK-002 Midi to Sync clock firmware with tempo divider doubles the bass' pattern length

Een video die is geplaatst door Grit (@retrokitsdev) op