Korg Volca Keys mapping tables for the RK-002

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Desktop MIDI Interface

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RK-002 Firmware updater is located here

RK-002 Volca Keys Settings and performance mapping

This page provides specific controller values for the KORG Volca Keys.

MIDI response channel:
Select MIDI channel
PolyMUX **:
MIDI channels
PolyMUX expands device polyphony by spreading played notes over extra MIDI channels. The RK-002 MIDI Response channel is the base channel. Select the extra amount of MIDI Channels in the PolyMUX dropdown. E.G. on a 3-voice polyphonic device, setting PolyMUX to 2 doubles the polyphony to 6.

* firmware v35+
** firmware v43+
Pitch wheel mapping
Mod wheel mapping
Velocity mapping
Aftertouch mapping*
* firmware v35+