Below you can select and activate the current firmwares we have developed for the RK-002.
First select the MIDI interface on your computer where the RK-002 is connected, secondly select the firmware you want to upload.
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Remember the MIDI interface specs:
Interfaces like Arturia's Beatstep Pro and Keystep Pro filter out MIDI System Exclusive messages and therefore not suitable for firmware updates.

Updated September 19th 2017

General firmwares rev 58. Added easy midi channel cofiguration on startup

If you're reading this message the MIDI system is not properly initialized. Probably you did not allow MIDI access, are not using Chrome or don't have the Jazz-plugin fallback installed (or you are on a mobile device) Please install the Jazz-plugin from here: jazz-soft.net Or enable plugin access and try a refresh.

Update Steps:

* note that the Video and Sync firmware do not provide update feedback via MIDI-out
Select MIDI Out interface:
Select interface
Press the button below