At last year’s Superbooth in Berlin a lot of people were charmed by our little RK-003 8ch stereo passive mixer board. So this year we slipped in a little DIY workshop session:

Now you can build one yourself on the spot!

The RK-003 is a fun little soldering project, once assembled is it a quick and portable way to mix in your stereo music gear or do some sync splitting, here’s the link to the product page which also includes a .STL file for 3D printing. If you have access to a 3D printer you can finish up your kit later on (Hi-res 3D printing is also up for ordering at

The DIY Workshops need a reservation on the Superbooth website

Our workshop is Saturday the 5th, 11AM : DIY A area

If you want to have additional frontplates with the RK-003 you can buy them at the links below.
You can enter superbooth18 as a voucher code to discard shipping costs.

RK-301 Modular panel
Eurorack modular
RK-302 standalone panel
Facepanel for custom/3D print enclosure

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PLEASE NOTE: Because of the holidays there will be a delay in shipments. You can check MIDI Amsterdam, Mission Synth, Perfect Circuit, Schneidersladen and Signalsounds for our products. Orders from will be fully processed again the 2nd week of August.

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